AVP First Qualifiers 2018

RallyVB is happy to continue our partnership and expand it, with AVP First! This year we are offering one of the top bid awarding tournaments that AVP First offers.

We are also holding tournaments that award points for the chance to play in the Championships in California…

Do you want to compete like the pros and be seen by college beach volleyball coaches and recruiters? AVPFirst is providing the opportunity for youth across the country to do just that, all while competing to earn a spot in their National Championships. Follow these steps to start your journey on the road to the AVP Tour:

1. Become an AVP Member
2. Register for local events
3. Accrue AVP points based off each finish
4. Follow the zonal player rankings
5. Earn an invitation to the National Championship in July

Read more on the AVP First Schedule

Point Awarding Events

AVP First Super Regional