Mount Spikemore 2018

WAVES are now set

Sat am (8 am): 12u, 13u/14u, 15u
Sat pm (3 pm): 16u, 17u/18u

On the line for the winners!!
2018 Super Regional/Grand Prix Number of Girls’ Teams in Division % of Entry Fee to be Paid for Nationals,West Coast Championships, or Volleyball Festival
12 100%
11 90%
10 80%
9 70%
8 70%
7 60%
6 50%
5 40%
4 30%

Teams earning a free or discounted entry fee must contact the AAU National Office. If the entry fee has been previously paid, a refund will be issued in the same matter that the entry fee was paid. For example, if the team registered online with a credit card, the refund will be issued to that credit card. Please provide the order number or check number when inquiring about reimbursement.Teams can choose to use their free entry fee for the AAU National Championships, the West Coast Championships, or the Volleyball Festival. If the first place team has previously won a Super Regional or Grand Prix or is not attending either the National Championships, the entry fee will not drop to any teams below second place. The entry fee waiver applies only to the team that won the event. The club cannot apply it towards a different team within the same club.

Clubs asked for an AAU Qualifying event so we are bringing one.  This year Mount Spikemore will be even bigger and better than last year.  Want to win a paid entry and bid to AAU Nationals in Orlando? Since Mount Spikemore is an AAU Grand-Prix, winners get a paid entry bid for AAUs. Depending on the number of teams in the division, you can earn anywhere from 30% to 100% of your teams entry to Nationals. Full details are on AAU’s website.

Date: February 17th-18th, 2018

:  Pool Play Sat with AM and PM wave, playoffs Sunday.  Minimum of 4 matches guaranteed

Address: 261 Stars Way
Cartersville, GA 30121

Cost*:  $425 per team ($275 for boys division, Saturday only)
* See our Alliance Program for club rebates and benefits

Registration: Register HERE

Girls: 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U
Boys: 14U, 18U



The schedule for the Mount Spikemore will be posted February 14th!

Players Requirements:
ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN AN ELECTRONIC WAIVER. All athletes listed on the roster must have a valid uniform number. Athlete’s position is optional.

Click Here to Sign Waiver!
Coaches can look at the system and track which players have/have not signed by clicking on the number next to their team name. This will be verified at check-in.

      • Steps to follow to sign waiver:

        • Click on the LINK
          Scroll to bottom, accept/decline the waiver
          Click ‘ Enter Player Info Manually’
          Select your team

An athlete will not be allowed to compete if a waiver is not signed.

Friday night check in from 4:30 – 8 pm at the Champion Center. A representative from the club may check in more than one team if they would like.

Players Wristbands:
A  coach or team rep will pick-up the wristbands for each player. Each player is responsible for coordinating with their coach or team rep to receive their wristband. Each player will need a wristband to enter the playing area or will be required to purchase a new one. Players will not be issued a replacement band for lost or forgotten bands.

Guest Entry for FAMILY & FRIENDS: – $8/day, $12/weekend
On site purchase is available, cash and credit cards accepted, Ticket counters will open each morning at 7:00 am. Saturday morning may have lines. Ticket Counters are located at the Champions Center Front Entrance. Fees include a 7% Emerson/State/County sales tax.

Children 6 and under will get a FREE wristband at Ticket Purchase counter. Children must be present to get the wristband. Athletes on a Team Roster will receive a wristband from their Coach after team check in.

All wristband purchases are non-refundable.
All major credit cards are accepted.
On site, single day wristbands can only be purchased on the day they are being used.
Wristbands are not assignable to another person in order to gain entry.
Wristbands must be worn or displayed at all times while in the building.

Hopefully this will not be an issue, but in the event you lose or forget your wristband, a new one will need to be purchased. Supplying a receipt will not gain entry.

By entering the facility, all spectators agree to abide by the following Spectators Code of Conduct as required by USA Volleyball.   Spectators also understand that injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event and attend at their own risk. Be alert at all times, especially during active play. Children not participating on a team entered in the event must be under the supervision of their parents at all times. The venue is not to be considered an open play area. Open courts and free space within the facility are not designated or designed for general child-play activities and should be used for event related activities only.

We work to make our events enjoyable and safe for all attendees and participants. Therefore, spectators and participants are prohibited from bringing the following items into the LakePoint Champions Center:

  • Coolers, including outside food or beverages
  • Personal transportation devices (i.e. hoverboards skateboards, etc.)
  • Over-sized bags or luggage
  • Personal Seats and chairs
  • Outside food
  • Weapons of any type
  • All tobacco products – including e-Cigarettes and vaping products
  • Alcoholic beverages

While no food tables are allowed inside the LakePoint Champions Center, there are several options for players and spectators.

    1 – Concessions: The Champion Center offers a concessions area consisting of several food options including wraps, hotdogs, pizza, pretzels, icee’s, soda, water, etc.
    2 – Restaurants: Within a 5 minute walk of the Champion Center are several restaurants. Food cannot be brought back into the facility.
      • St. Angelo’s Pizza
      • Wendy’s
      • Chick-fil-A (closed Sundays)
      • McDonalds

    3 – Athletic Requirements: LakePoint will not prohibit any small snack, i.e.protein bar, that is required specifically for players athletic performance

Athletic Trainers:
We will have athletic trainers on-site to care for the athletes. There is NO CHARGE to athletes for the service. We would like to thank PT Solutions in advance for the services they provide. The medical area will be  located right off the courts near the tournament desk.

Parking Information:

Parking is not operated by Rally Volleyball however there will be signs to guide you to parking once on property and parking attendants on-site to help you park. Parking is $5 per day.

Divisions Being Hosted:

Girls: 18U, 17U, 16U, 15U, 14U, 13U, 11U/12U
Boys: 14U and 18U – One day event, Saturday ONLY

Age divisions may be combined should the numbers of registered teams in each division not support a satisfactory tournament format. If this is necessary, notification will be sent to the teams in advance of the event.
Should the numbers registered in each age not support a reasonable format, refunds will be provided and notification will be sent to teams in advance of the event.

Methods of Payment:
Teams can pay via check or credit card online when registration opens, October 1st, 2016.

Acceptance Notification:
Clubs will receive an acceptance verification once your team(s) has been accepted into the Rally Challenge. Acceptance is contingent on a complete registration and payment receipt.

Please Click Here to reserve a room.

Refund Policy:
If a team withdraws after they have received an acceptance notice, a 50% refund will be provided up to 2 months prior to the start of the event, December 18, 2016 at 9:00 am EST. After that time, there is no refund. If a replacement team can be found, a partial refund may be considered.