Peachtree Classic powered by RallyVB 2018

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone that came out!

12U Power

1st MIDTN 12-1

2nd A5Chatt 12 Dan

3rd 575 VB 12-1 Jeff

12U Club

1st Prolink 12 White

2nd Tsunami S111E Zoey

3rd A5Chatt 12 Walt

13U Power

1st Tsunami N131E Annie

2nd 575 VB 13-1 Jeff

3rd A5 Mizuno 13-4 Tina

13U Club

1st Lanier 13-2 Bill


3rd Cobb Atlanta 13 Keri

14U Power

1st A5 Mizuno 14-4 Alex

2nd A5Chatt 14 Laurie

3rd A5Chatt 14 Duane

14U Club

1st COLAVOL 14 Black


3rd Cobb Atlanta 14 Kelly

15U Power

1st MIDTN 15-1

2nd GA5 15-Arieon

3rd IVC – 15 Erin

15U Club

1st Lanier 15-1 Michele

2nd Cobb Atlanta 15 Tish

3rd 575 VB 15-1 Zarley

16U Power

1st A5Chatt 16 Steve

2nd COLAVOL 16 Black

3rd Lanier 16-1 Mary Beth

16U Club

1st NAVC 16-2 Sara

2nd 575 VB 16-2 Erin

3rd Tsunami Rome 16-Micayla

17/18U Power

1st Prolink 17 Black

2nd GA5 17-Suzanne

3rd 575 VB 17-1 Dom

17/18U Club


2nd COLAVOL 17 Black

3rd MIDTN 18 White

All Tournament Teams

The Peachtree Classic is the “Player’s Tourney” and this year we are celebrating its 25th anniversary! It is, well, a classic!

AM Wave: 12U/13U(Club), 14U(Club), 15U(Club), 16U(Club),
PM Wave: 12U/13U(Power), 14U(Power), 15U(Power), 16U(Power), 17/18U(Power), 17/18U(Club)

In an effort to keep the event a Classic but evolve with the times, the organizers reached out to clubs for input. The biggest issue the organizers heard was driving to different gyms around the city was very tough on parents, players and coaches. Well, they heard you and to continue providing a great playing environment, for the first time in the history of the event it will be all under one roof!

We will use 18 of the 24 courts for Peachtree at LakePoint, and we will offer a very similar format to what Peachtree has done in the past.  Pool play on the first day, and then playing out to get all the teams in the right brackets, be it Gold, Silver, or Bronze. As an added bonus, the courts are all hard-wood which we like to see for injury prevention.

: All players must have waiver completed to allow not just entry, but for team check in. Please have your players sign waiver, HERE!

Sanctioning:  SRVA

Date:  March 10-11, 2018

Cost:  $450/team

Registration:  SOLD OUT
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Capacity:  144 teams

Players Requirements:
ALL PLAYERS MUST SIGN AN ELECTRONIC WAIVER. All athletes listed on the roster must have a valid uniform number. Athlete’s position is optional.

Click Here to Sign Waiver!
Coaches can look at the system and track which players have/have not signed by clicking on the number next to their team name. This will be verified at check-in.

      • Steps to follow to sign waiver:

        • Click on the LINK
          Scroll to bottom, accept/decline the waiver
          Click ‘ Enter Player Info Manually’
          Select your team

An athlete will not be allowed to compete if a waiver is not signed.

Friday night check in from 4:30 – 8 pm at the Champion Center. A representative from the club may check in more than one team if they would like. For teams playing in the Saturday PM Wave, you also have the option of checking in Between noon and 1:30pm on Saturday.

Players Wristbands:
A  coach or team rep will pick-up the wristbands for each player. Each player is responsible for coordinating with their coach or team rep to receive their wristband. Each player will need a wristband to enter the playing area or will be required to purchase a new one. Players will not be issued a replacement band for lost or forgotten bands.

Guest Entry for FAMILY & FRIENDS: – $7/day, $12/weekend
On site purchase is available, cash and credit cards accepted, Ticket counters will open each morning at 7:00 am. Saturday morning may have lines. Ticket Counters are located at the Champions Center Front Entrance. Fees include a 7% Emerson/State/County sales tax.

Children 6 and under will get a FREE wristband at Ticket Purchase counter. Children must be present to get the wristband. Athletes on a Team Roster will receive a wristband from their Coach after team check in.

All wristband purchases are non-refundable.
All major credit cards are accepted.
On site, single day wristbands can only be purchased on the day they are being used.
Wristbands are not assignable to another person in order to gain entry.
Wristbands must be worn or displayed at all times while in the building.

Hopefully this will not be an issue, but in the event you lose or forget your wristband, a new one will need to be purchased. Supplying a receipt will not gain entry.

By entering the facility, all spectators agree to abide by the following Spectators Code of Conduct as required by USA Volleyball.   Spectators also understand that injury from flying objects incidental to the sport of volleyball may occur at this event and attend at their own risk. Be alert at all times, especially during active play. Children not participating on a team entered in the event must be under the supervision of their parents at all times. The venue is not to be considered an open play area. Open courts and free space within the facility are not designated or designed for general child-play activities and should be used for event related activities only.

We work to make our events enjoyable and safe for all attendees and participants. Therefore, spectators and participants are prohibited from bringing the following items into the LakePoint Champions Center:

  • Coolers, including outside food or beverages
  • Personal transportation devices (i.e. hoverboards skateboards, etc.)
  • Over-sized bags or luggage
  • Personal Seats and chairs
  • Outside food
  • Weapons of any type
  • All tobacco products – including e-Cigarettes and vaping products
  • Alcoholic beverages

While no food tables are allowed inside the LakePoint Champions Center, there are several options for players and spectators.

    1 – Concessions: The Champion Center offers a concessions area consisting of several food options including wraps, hotdogs, pizza, pretzels, icee’s, soda, water, etc.
    2 – Restaurants: Within a 5 minute walk of the Champion Center are several restaurants. Food cannot be brought back into the facility.
      St. Angelo’s Pizza – pizza, pasta, subs and salads
      Chick-fil-A (closed Sundays)

3 – Athletic Requirements: LakePoint will not prohibit any small snack, i.e.protein bar, that is required specifically for players athletic performance

Athletic Trainers:
We will have athletic trainers on-site to care for the athletes. There is NO CHARGE to athletes for the service. We would like to thank PT Solutions in advance for the services they provide. The medical area will be  located right off the courts near the tournament desk.

Parking Information:

Parking is not operated by Rally Volleyball however there will be signs to guide you to parking once on property and parking attendants on-site to help you park. Parking is $5 per day.

Refund Policy according the SRVA 2018 handbook;

    TOURNAMENT REFUND POLICY: Requests for refund of tournament entry fees will be honored if received seven (7) days prior to the tournament date for adults, ten (10) days prior to the tournament date for one-day junior events and fourteen (14) days for multiple day junior tournaments. Refund requests received after this deadline date will be paid only if a team is secured to fill the vacancy in the tournament based on teams registered by the Monday deadline as defined in Sections III. C. and D.

Please Click Here to reserve a room.