RallyVB Beach Rules

As the 2017 Beach Season gets under way, we would like to highlight the rules of the game since there have been some amendments, and outline the procedures implemented at Rally Volleyball. Below we have the updated rules we will be following for this season.
Reminder that on the beach, parents and teammates can NOT coach a player. A warning will be given by the tournament director for the first offense. After that time, if the Tournament Director or Event Staff hear a parent, player or coach continue to violate the rules, the TEAM that they are cheering for will forfeit the game

Once you familiarize yourself with the rules, the Rally procedures are listed below:

1) Coaches and Players meeting after check-in
2) Parents meeting

  • If there is an issue between a parent and/or a coach, either the parent or the coach must alert the tournament director first
  • Rally will abide by the “3 Strike” system:
    1. The tournament director will first speak with the coach/parent in question to clarify the issue and work towards a solution
    2. If multiple offenses have occurred, it will be up to the tournament director to pursue a course of action
    3. If expulsion from the tournament occurs, an incident report will be filed by a Rally employee, and the person in question will be suspended from the next event

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