Adult Beach Tournaments – AVP

Rally in Rocket City

This year we are rolling out an adult beach series with its own point system with an incredible prize for the top points earners.  We look forward to working with other organizers in the Southeast to make this the best beach experience possible.  If you are interested in joining us for next year, email us at

AVP Is Back!

We are excited to bring back AVP tournaments at our locations this year! As most people have heard, AVP is coming back to Atlanta and the AVP Atlanta Open will be held August 11th-15th, 2021 in Atlantic Station, downtown Atlanta, and RallyVB at LakePoint in Emerson, GA. We are proud to be the ones who have made that happen and we have formed a partnership with AVP.  As part of that relationship, we have special rewards for everyone. Check out the details below.

  • First, through RallyVB and as an AVP member, we will have 10% discounted pre-sale tickets available for our great, local community for the Atlanta Open prior to going on sale to the general public. This will secure your ticket for the event which is expected to be sold out.  ** TICKETS GO ON SALE Friday 6/25
  • Next, you will be hooked up with emails that are going to give you exclusive invites to other pre-sale tickets for the event.
  • Additionally, we are able to offer our awesome community first crack at volunteering at the AVP. Communication will be coming out to give you front row seats to the matches with a free t-shirt before its opened up to the general public.
  • Finally, if you participate in our Southeast Event Series, no matter what division or age, your points will go to AVP as well as our Series. You can check out your Ranking HERE . See below for a list of events and each division in which those points are counted. Winners of the Juniors series, as well as Adult A/BB will get to play on the Pro Courts in the Stadium!


Rally has invited Birmingham Beach and MVP (Marsh Volley Performance) to join in the Rally Southeast Series and have their results included in our points totals. Both Huntsville and Lakepoint will also have junior and adult tournaments that will get you points towards AVP along with everything mentioned above respective to the divisions. If you want to get points to take a crack at the AVP main draw, or if you want to earn bids as a junior or if you just want to play ball, we have it all for you!

Rally Southeast Series – Open Division

This is where it gets interesting. The AVP expects the Thursday Qualifier to sell out, and 22 of the 24 spaces will go according to AVP America nationwide point standings, highest first. The top 2 teams in our Rally Southeast Mens and Womens Open Adult Series will earn an automatic entry into the Thursday Qualifier for 2 more spots. For everyone else, there will also be a max 64 team Wednesday Pre-Qualifier where the top 8 teams of M/W will earn entry into the Thursday Qualifier to total 32 teams for Thursday. Top 4 teams from Thursday play in the main draw at Atlantic Station!

RallyVB @ Lakepoint


    • June 20th – Open – Men and Women, A – Men and Women – Register HERE
    • July 3rd – Open – Men – Virginia Highlands Register HERE
    • July 4th – Open – Women – Virginia Highlands Register HERE
    • July 18th – Open – Men and Women, A – Men and Women – Register HERE

RallyVB @Huntsville


    • June 27th – Open – Men and Women, A – Men and Women – Register HERE
    • July 11th – Open – Men and Women, A – Men and Women – Register HERE

AVP RSM Series @ Birmingham Beach


    • June 26th
    • July 17th
    • August 7th

AVP RSM Series @ MVP


    • June 19th
    • July 24th