Beach Volleyball FAQs

  • How do I sign up?
      When registration is open, there will be a link to that specific tournament’s registration page. Make sure to click on the corresponding “register HERE” link for the correct tournament.
  • What do I need to register?
      For tournaments you will need to sign up as a pair. Only one person registers the team and pays online. You will also need a membership for the corresponding NGB (National Governing Body) if the tournament is sanctioned. For example AAU, AVP, BVCA, JVA, P1440, or USA Volleyball.
  • Where do I get a membership?
      You would have to get a membership from the corresponding NGB. You can go to their website (usually they are linked on the tournament page) if that specific tournament is sanctioned.
  • Is there a specific uniform?
      USA volleyball has guidelines that we follow – DRESS CODE/ATTIRE:
      Uniforms are not required. However, matching color bottoms and tops are encouraged. All athletes
      are REQUIRED to wear a top, for girls it must cover the entire midsection when standing, and
      bottoms such as spandex, shorts or leggings. No bikinis will be permitted for any team. Boys must
      wear tank tops or t-shirts that cover the entire midsection when standing and bottoms such as swim
      trunks, surf shorts, or volleyball shorts. No brief type swim trunks.
      For more info, check out USA Volleyballs latest rules on the topic.
  • What to bring?
      You should bring a towel, sunscreen, plenty of water, a change of clothes, food is optional (there are restaurants within walking distance), and snacks.
  • Can I bring my pet?
      No, we are sorry but no pets allowed on premises.
  • Can we bring outside food (coolers etc…) and setup tents?
      Yes, you can bring outside food and drink. We do sell drinks onsite. You can bring coolers and set up 10×10 tents on the interior perimeter of the facility.
  • Do you have items for purchase on site? (food, drink, merchandise)
      Yes, we have a variety of items for sale. We have all types of drinks, we have merchandise, sunglasses, sand socks, and even volleyballs. We do not have sunscreen please make sure you bring that!
  • Where do we park?
      You should park in the gravel lot on the south side of the courts. Please make sure to park in rows and to leave space at the end for traffic to flow through to create more rows, as there is only one entrance and exit to that lot.
  • Do we have to pay to watch the tournament?
      Entry into the beach courts is free for junior events.
  • When do I get information on the tournament?
      Emails usually go out on Friday night before the tournament. Registration is usually open and details change as more teams drop and join. You can count on each tournament being a full day.
  • Do I get refunded if event cancelled?
      If we cancel an event or a division we will always give a refund. For your personal reasons on cancelling we have a refund policy.
  • When would weather cancel an event?
      Weather will only cancel an event if there is too much lightning or extreme cold temperatures. With thunderstorms we will usually pause for lightning to pass and then return to play.
  • What do I need to coach?
      As a coach you will need to be registered with USA Volleyball or your USA region. You will need to have an updated background check, IMPACT certification and Safe Sport certification. Please have these items ready to present to the TD to receive a coaching wristband.
  • Can I coach my own child?
      Yes, if you have all of the criteria mentioned in the above question.
  • What can I do as a coach?
      As a coach you can cheer for your players, you can call a timeout, and you can talk strategy on side changes without delaying the game. You can not tell them where to serve or give strategy during plays or between plays unless it is during that side change or between sets.