Indoor Alliance Program 2020

Our  Indoor Alliance Program was so successful last year, we are going to expand the program in 2020!  The idea behind the IAP is simple:

Support clubs that support us in the mission to grow the game of volleyball.

As most folks are aware, Rally Volleyball is NOT a club. We do not want to compete with the amazing clubs already in the marketplace but instead we want to leverage our expertise to support clubs.  Some think we are idealistic but we feel cohesion in the marketplace is possible.  We want to partner with clubs/groups** at a business level, leaving the competition to the volleyball courts.  The growth in our indoor tournaments is proof this is the way forward!

How do we do this?  We free-up clubs from the burden of feeling that they need to host tournaments to earn critical extra $ to support themselves.  Or if they don’t host events, they are missing out somehow.  We believe clubs should be free to do what they do best and coach/train the athletes.  Personally as parents, we know we want our coaches focused on our kids.  Let clubs do their thing and we will do our thing.  Our thing is to provide the best possible tournaments, unique opportunities and give back. Many clubs feel they have to host tournaments to earn critical extra money.  This programs changes that scenario and pressure!

The Indoor Alliance Program benefits all clubs, large and small.  No behind the scenes conversations but open, straight-forward information.  Clubs** can utilize the extra dollars to put back into their clubs as they see fit. We will continue to work diligently paying back building & development costs, insurance, facilitating new volleyball technology programs and injury prevention research, among other items.


We will give-back $ to clubs who send multiple teams to any combination of RallyVB indoor events.  RallyVB offers 5 events during season and you can send teams to one, two or more events!

Tier 1: $3,000 back to club
Club enters min of 60 total teams

Tier 2: $2000 back to club
Club enters min of 45 total teams

Tier 3: $1,000 to club
Club enters min of 26 total teams

Tier 4: $400 to club
Club enters min of 14 total teams



We will give-back $ to clubs who commit to sending multiple teams to a single RallyVB event. Clubs can earn this give-back IN ADDITION to the overall commitment outlined above.

Category 1: $1,000 to club
Club enters 20+ teams in a single event.

Category 2: $50 per team to club
Club enters 80% of their registered teams in a single event. For example, if you are a 5 team club and you enter 4 of your teams in a single event, you would  received $50 per team rebate for that tournament.

NOTE:  A club can qualify for both a Tier and Category, earning additional $ for their club!

  • Example Small Club:  5 team club sends all 4 teams to 5 indoor events earns $1400 back
    Overall Commitment: 20 teams = $400
    One-time Commitment: 20x$50 = $1000
  • Example Mid-Size Club: 14 team club sends 12 teams to 4 indoor events earns $4,400
    Overall Commitment: 48 teams = $2,000
    One-time Commitment: 12 x $50= $600 across 4 events = $2,400
  • Example Large-Club: 30 team club sends 22 teams to 2 event, and 10 teams to other 2 events earns $5,000
    Overall Commitment: 61 teams = $3,000
    One-time Commitment: 2x$1,000 = $2,000

As part of the Indoor Alliance Program, RallyVB and the club would promote each other as follows:

  1. Web banner of RallyVB events (rally provides)
  2. RallyVB logo on website linked to our website
  3. Club logo on RallyVB website and linked to their website
  4. RallyVB logo/url on all printed marketing and eBlasts pertaining to tournaments



Commitments are due no later than Dec. 1st via registration on AES for events.  After registration, send an email to highlighting the events registered and Alliance Program request.

For indoor volleyball, we feel having many tournaments on the same weekend, spreading out athletes, creating small turn-out at each event or alternatively, going to mega events with 300+ teams where money goes back into the pocket of one club is not as helpful for most athletes or clubs.  We are proud to help give money back so clubs can grow their membership however they see fit. It’s done by working together where you help us and we help you!


* Club team size is evaluated by location or individual satellite, not combined across locations
** Club is defined as the entity that is registered with a national governing body. We will hold accountable each individual club as an entity, based on how they are registered within USAV, region or governing body. (ie satellites/sisters of clubs would be considered a separate entity, in turn it will be treated as its own club)