Rally Volleyball is THRILLED to be The Beach Within Reach. If you are located in the Southeast, we are THE key beach volleyball destination and we host a multitude of beach volleyball events year-round for juniors, collegiate, and adults. We are also the proud host of the AVP in Atlanta, where we have had professional beach volleyball athletes at both Rally Volleyball located in Emerson, GA and Atlantic Station located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. Whether you are a beginner or an elite player, we invite you to come hang with us in the sand at a tournament, camp, clinic, or league. We can get you connected with former players, as well as coaches or clubs. Drop us an email at: info@rallyvb.com, to get the conversation started. See you on the sand. #RallyOn

Rally Volleyball offers Juniors Tournaments for all skill levels and age groups. All of our tournaments are open for all to attend; however, a handful have been designated as “POWER” (Advanced, Elite, Open, National-level) events. “POWER” events should consist of highly skilled athletes that compete at the highest levels of competition. Rally’s primary focus is to provide opportunities for athletes of all skill levels to participate, and the competition level can vary from club to club, and tournament to tournament.

“POWER” events will be marked with “***” below in our list of events

Sanctioned Events will display Governing Bodies in (Parenthesis). You will need Membership from that Governing Body to Register.

Don’t have a membership? Get one today: AAU, AVP, BVCA, USAV/SRVA

Atlanta Juniors Tournaments and Results:

Atlanta Schedule (.pdf)


Rally Points System – We have rolled-out a Rally Point system for this Winter & Spring 2023 season at select & marked Jr events. Prizes, acknowledgments, and great accolades for your career! This point system is a weighted point scale based on the number teams in the age division and the age division played. See the table below for a breakdown. *Please note this breakdown is with 10 teams in the division

All tournaments except BVCA and BNQ will have age groups divided by days, unless otherwise noted. Typically, Saturday 12U, 16U and Male divisions; Sunday 14U and 18U (unless otherwise noted).

12U Place 12U Points
1 100
2 75
3 56
4 42
5 31
6 23
7 17
8 13
9 10
10 7
14U Place 14U Points
1 300
2 225
3 168
4 126
5 94
6 71
7 53
8 40
9 30
10 22
16U Place 16U Points
1 1000
2 750
3 562
4 421
5 316
6 237
7 177
8 133
9 100
10 75
18U Place 18u Points
1 3000
2 2250
3 1687
4 1265
5 949
6 711
7 533
8 400
9 300
10 225

*Please note the above Rally Point System breakdowns are done as if there were 10 teams in each age division.